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Social responsibility


    Corporate social responsibility is an enterprise's responsibility to the society. Fei he believes that a competitive enterprise should be a technologically advanced, administratively advanced and socially responsible enterprise, which successfully integrates its responsibility to the society, the environment and stakeholders into its strategy, organizational structure and business process. Therefore, for feihe, fulfilling its social responsibility is an obligation and an inevitable choice for its sustainable and healthy development. Fei he has incorporated the fulfillment of social responsibility into the long-term strategy of corporate development. While striving to improve business performance and promote corporate development, fei he has always been actively fulfilling social responsibility and striving to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development between the enterprise, the society and the environment.

    Feihe has been advocating "honesty and trustworthiness" as the criterion for the survival and development of the enterprise, and striving to make the enterprise flourish with honesty and be responsible for the enterprise, employees and the society. The company starts from various links, such as cultural construction, education and training, incentive and control, so that integrity becomes the conscious action of every member of fei he.

    The enterprise's mission is to grow and make profits, but at the same time to increase taxes and national development mission. Therefore, feihe must assume the responsibility of development, do well in economic development, take development as the center, take development as the premise, constantly expand the enterprise scale, expand the share of tax payment, complete the tax payment task, and make contribution to the national development.

    China is a country with a special shortage of resources per capita. Enterprises must develop in line with resource conservation. As an enterprise with a high sense of responsibility, feihe always stands on the overall position, adheres to sustainable development, attaches great importance to resource conservation, and undertakes the responsibility of sustainable development and resource conservation, as well as the responsibility of protecting the environment and maintaining the harmony of nature. While developing its enterprises, feihe has not forgotten to share the country's concerns, actively participate in poverty alleviation and devote itself to the construction of new countryside. This is for the development of society and for the development of enterprises themselves. We will better assume the responsibility of poverty alleviation.

    Human resources are the precious wealth of enterprises and the supporting force of enterprise development. To protect the health of enterprise employees and ensure their work and income treatment is not only related to the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises, but also related to the development and stability of society. Feihe has established the talent concept of "people-oriented and learning-oriented team". Build a learning team, lead the staff to persevere in learning, improve the ability level and quality of all staff.