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Screw air compressor chassis how to maintain?
Release time:2019-04-20viewed:25

Learn and grow together with fei and compressor every day! Screw air compressor regular maintenance, not only can ensure the normal operation of the machine, but also can extend the service life of the machine.

Many users and air compressor manufacturers, in the screw air compressor maintenance, often ignore the screw air compressor chassis maintenance and repair, in fact, the maintenance of the screw air compressor chassis is very important, the following Oriental will compressor xiaobian for you to explain, screw air compressor chassis maintenance method:

1. First of all, stop the machine to stop the air compressor, and start the inspection after it is completely cooled and completely decompressed;

2. Then open the case and check whether the balance iron pin is firm;

3. Check the bolt to see whether it is loose;

4. Check the surface smoothness of internal components, and check whether there is wear and void;

5. Light the rotating part with flashlight to see whether the gap is uniform and whether there is wear; Then carry out maintenance on the inside and outside of the chassis shell to see if there is any crack, and conduct inspection when necessary.

6, need to use a wrench to pry the link between the balance iron parts, see whether these parts are loose or eccentric phenomenon;

The above six steps is the screw compressor chassis maintenance method, screw compressor regular maintenance and maintenance is very important, in the screw compressor maintenance at the same time, do not forget to screw compressor chassis maintenance!

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