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Notes for compressed air piping
Release time:2019-03-22viewed:815

1. When piping in the main pipeline, the pipeline shall have a inclination of 1°~2° to facilitate the discharge of condensed water in the pipeline;

2. The pressure drop of the piping line shall not exceed 5% of the air compressor's operating pressure, so it is better to choose the piping line that is larger than the designed value;

3. The branch line pipeline must be connected from the top of the main road, so as to avoid the condensation water flowing into the working machinery or back into the air compressor in the main road;

4. Do not arbitrarily reduce or enlarge the pipeline, and use tapered pipe for the pipeline. If the tapered tube is not used, there will be turbulence at the joint, which will lead to a large pressure drop, and have an adverse impact on the life of the pipeline;

5, after the air compressor if there is air storage tank and dryer and other purification buffer equipment, the ideal piping sequence should be air compressor + air storage tank + dryer. The gas storage tank can filter out some condensed water and reduce the gas temperature. The lower temperature and less moisture content of the compressed air into the dryer, the dryer load can be reduced.

6, if the air usage is very large and the time is very short, it is best to install another gas storage tank as a buffer, so as to reduce the number of air compressor loading and unloading, the service life of the air compressor has great benefits;

7, in the pipeline to reduce the use of elbow and various types of valves.

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