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Introduction to flying and centrifugal compressors
Release time:2019-03-22viewed:27

    Using cutting-edge dynamic analysis technology, the Angle and position of each blade on the impeller are analyzed to find out the Angle value with the lowest power consumption and the highest efficiency, so as to ensure the energy saving of the whole machine.

    This wheel-drive system is directly connected to the motor by a precisely balanced flexible disc coupling, which minimizes vibration.

The cooler adopts shell and tube type air cooler, which is designed for water piping, easy to clean and maintain, and designed for air shell and fin heat dissipation to ensure high heat dissipation efficiency and low pressure drop.

    Gear box horizontal section structure design, positioning to ensure repeated installation of ease, no need to remove the pipeline, can achieve the inspection and confirmation of core components, low maintenance cost.

1. High air supply quality

Centrifugal air compressor through suction, acceleration, pressurization, exhaust work process, in order to obtain the required compressed air, the whole gas path system gas and lubrication contact, exhaust pollution from lubricating oil, achieve 100% of the oil free compression.

2. Safe and reliable operation

    Using cutting-edge dynamic analysis technology, the impeller strength calculation and fluid mechanics analysis, in the design stage to ensure the impact-resistant impeller, anti-fatigue, ensure safe and reliable operation.

3. Easy installation and maintenance

    Through the design of high performance system, the design is reasonable and the structure is compact. The gear box adopts horizontal split structure, the gear and bearing can be maintained by removing the end cover, and the precision of field installation can be guaranteed easily.

4. Effective and controllable data

    It adopts high-precision microcomputer control, the touch screen is a large LCD color screen, the operating parameters of the equipment are clear, the remote linkage control system has excellent compatibility performance, and it can connect with different upper control systems of customers to achieve remote control.

5. High efficiency and energy saving

    Using advanced automatic compound and constant pressure control and anti-surge technology, through the automatic control of vent valve and inlet air control valve, to maintain stable exhaust pressure, the equipment is always efficient state operation, to meet customers under various conditions of air regulation.

6. Low operating cost

    Reasonable integrated structure design, ensure simple and easy maintenance, low maintenance and operation cost.

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